By Lena Hansen and Thatiana Diaz
March 21, 2017 02:46 PM
Lynn Savarese

Luz Towns Miranda, one of People en Espanol’s 25 Most Powerful Women this year, admits that it was a great pride and a dream come true to be her son Lin-Manuel Miranda’s date to the 2017 Oscars.

“He and I watched the Oscars every year and he was fascinated by it. He memorized the opening number music and went to school and imitated it,” said the Puerto Rican psychologist to People en Español about her son, the award-winning creator of Hamilton and In the Heights.

“One year he saw Whoopi Goldberg on the screen and she said: ‘To the children who watch us, keep dreaming. You too can be here.’ And we said to him, ‘Yes, you’re going to be.’ For me, it was ‘when you’re at the Oscars, I’m going with you,'” she recalled.

And it happened, thanks in part to the seed of positivity she planted in her son. Both Luz and her husband Luis motivated their children from young to fight for their dreams.

“The key for us was that from young, both Lin-Manuel and Lucecita, were supported. The importance of family was always paramount for us,” she added.

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In addition to her role as a mother, she also stands out for her professional work. As a board member of the Planned Parenthood organization, Miranda helps educate Hispanic families about health and reproduction.

“It’s about educating girls and women about how to prevent unwanted pregnancies,” she said. “[Planned Parenthood] provides all kinds of medical care and provides primary care for poor people and immigrants in this country.”

Miranda helps raise funds for the organization, which just celebrated 100 years, and also has her practice as a psychologist.

With over 30 years of work in the field, she has helped firefighters, children in need of adoption and low-income families in clinics in the South Bronx. “I’ve always liked being able to make a difference,” she said.