The brand's Birthday Brat shades also reference founder Kathleen Lights's upcoming birthday.

Por Alma Sacasa
Enero 22, 2021
Credit: Courtesy

On Thursday, Cuban-born beauty influencer and blogger Kathleen Fuentes, aka Kathleen Lights, celebrated big with the release of the Lights Lacquer collection Birthday Brat, in honor of her January 27 birthday and the brand's one-year anniversary. The Birthday Brat set includes three trendy shades, including two creamy pink and one holographic glitter.

Fans were so excited about the new collection that the site crashed. "You really crashed our party!" the vegan, cruelty-free company wrote on Instagram. "But we are back up and running! Birthday Brat is available now!"

Credit: Courtesy

Candy Clouds, a peachy, baby pink, and Strawberry Frosting, a bubble-gum pink, are both sold out, but Sugar Baby, a pink and gold glitter, is still available for $9.50.

In addition to the Birthday Brat trio, the brand introduced pearl 3D nail art stickers, available in a pack of 105 for $7.

Lights Lacquer was inspired by Kathleen's Cuban roots, as well as the women in her life — like her mother, who always carried a makeup bag full of MAC products and encouraged her love for beauty.

In an interview with People en Español, she shared what made her decide to create Lights Lacquer. "Since I was a little girl I have been completely obsessed with painting my nails," she said. "I've always liked to express myself through nail polish, so it made sense. I always had a box under my bed with enamels, with a lot of colors. When I was younger, my sister Yvette and I used to joke about what our dream job would be, like, to name nail polish. One day, my mother was sitting in the kitchen complaining about [the quality] of the nail polish and my mother said to me, 'Why don't you create your own nail polish?' That's how the adventure began."