Bachata princess Leslie Grace talks to People en Español's Ponte Bella about fashion and beauty and poses for the magazine's new edition on a gorgeous beach.

Leslie Grace is over the moon about her new role in the musical film In the Heights. The singer and actress of Dominican descent, 25, posed for People en Españols Ponte Bella on a beach in Samaná and talked to the magazine’s fashion and beauty director Ursula Carranza about this amazing time in her career. “It was the most beautiful experience of my life,” Grace says of joining the film’s stellar cast. “It was a challenge for me because it was my first project as an actress, and on top of it, I was with acting veterans like Jimmy Smits and Daphne Rubin-Vega and other young talents like Anthony Ramos and Melissa Barrera. They gave me that motivation to give it my best and at the same time they opened the door for me and taught me everything they know.”

Leslie Grace

The bachata princess also shared her secrets for looking so radiant and shared fashion and beauty tips. The “Duro y Suave” singer admits her style has evolved throughout the years. “[It’s changed] for the better, thank God!” she says with a laugh. “I love to collaborate with people who bring something new to the way I think about fashion. Fashion for me is something fun and another way to express myself. Whatever I’m living at the moment will reflect in what I’m wearing.” Her philosophy when it comes to clothing? “There is a quote by Coco Chanel that says, ‘Simplicity is the key to elegance,’ and throughout my career I have learned that many times less is more,” she reflects. “I like to wear statement pieces instead of just throwing too much on. I like to try on something that pushes me to get out of my comfort zone.”

What is her daily beauty routine? “In my day-to-day I am more simple. I try not to wear a lot of makeup, I take care of my skin,” she says. “You are what you eat so I try everything that has antioxidants. I live for naps! If you don’t take care of yourself, that shows, even if you put on the most expensive skin products or go to a place to try to have your life fixed in a day. I try to be good to myself because an artist’s life is demanding.”

Leslie Grace
Credit: Raúl Tovar para People En Español

Growing up, Grace would spend a lot of time in her mom’s hair salon, and so knows all about haircare. “For my family it’s super important to take care of your hair. I’m at a point where I want to use my hair as an accessory to express myself, like I do with my outfits or my songs. I want to free myself from the pressure of keeping my hair looking a certain way.”

How does she stay centered and focused? “Keeping the people that really know me close,” she says. “Spending time with myself and talking to God, defining what I want and what my purpose is. What would hurt me the most would be to reach the end of this journey and to feel that I didn’t take full advantage of all the resources life gave me and not giving my best. I live with that responsibility and purpose of being better each day.”