"One of my biggest support system is my boyfriend," the Venezuelan singer and social media star said.


Venezuelan singer and social media star Lele Pons has always been candid about her mental health. She has opened up about having obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette Syndrome, depression and ADHD. In her documentary, The Secret Life of Lele Pons, she discussed the impact these have had on her life and career.

On World Mental Health Day, the "Se te nota" singer shared her gratitude for boyfriend Guaynaa and his help in getting her through her mental health issues in an Instagram post.

"Happy Mental Health Day🙏🏼❤️…One of my biggest support system is my boyfriend. He takes me to my therapy sessions. He reads books about OCD, Tourette's, and Depression so he can learn more about my conditions and how to help," she wrote. "Some days are harder than others but because of him I am better today than I was before. I'm beyond grateful for you bebé❤️."

Lele Pons
Credit: Courtesy of Instagram/Lele Pons

The post included photos of the couple and of Pons on her mental health journey.

"It is important to get help and not distance yourself from those who want to help," she added. "Mental health should be taken seriously. You are not alone. Let others help."

The Puerto Rican rapper responded in the comments alongside other celebrities including J Balvin.

Lele Pons & Guaynaa
Credit: Courtesy of Instagram/Lele Pons

"Something we should all educate ourselves more on #mentalhealth #happymentalhealthday 🤍," he said.

The lovebirds met in early 2020 and shared instant chemistry; they recorded their hit song "Se te nota" in September of that year. They became an official couple in December 2020 after traveling to California's Big Bear Mountain, where they took and shared romantic photos in the snow.