The Venezuelan singer's stylist, Antony Suárez, explains how to copy the star's style.

Venezuelan singer Lele Pons appeared on the latest digital cover of People en Español, alongside her boyfriend, Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa. Her stylist, Antony Suárez, who was in charge of the artist's makeup and hair for the photo shoot, shared the secrets of how to recreate the star's gorgeous cover look.

Karol G, Alexa Dellanos, Natti Natasha, Jackie Guerrido ... you are already used to working with celebrities. How is it working with Lele Pons?

She is one of my favorites because she lets me be me, I can translate my work as I want. She is very risky, she likes to do different looks and does not follow rules.

Lele Pons - Digital Cover - Hair and Makeup looks
Credit: @antonystylist

Did you have a clear idea of the look you wanted to achieve?

I never have a clear idea of Lele's looks. I only ask for references of the look she [will] wear or a favorite color, that she wakes up and wants that color.

Does she allow herself to be advised, or does she have her own opinions?

Whenever I work with Lele she says these words to me: "Make me beautiful like you always do."

What was the inspiration for the cover look?

The inspiration was earth colors, ochre, very combinable, that could be used in different ways with different looks. Simply changing the tones of the mouth makes its appearance different.

We love it because it looks so natural. What products are key to recreating the look at home?

Something I always use with Lele is MAC's [matte] shadow in Uninterrupted, with which I can shadow and outline. I contour the nose, cheekbones, and forehead. With a single shadow, I can do her makeup. I could apply more product on the eyes to deepen the color more, make it a little darker, and only by applying mascara does the eye look spectacular.

Lele Pons y Guaynaa Digital Cover
Credit: Foto por Kike Flores; Estilista: Sarah Akiba; Peinado y maquillaje: @Antonystylist

It's amazing how her skin looks. What's the secret?

One of the tricks I have to make skin look radiant is to use CC Cream from It Cosmetics as a base. It is my favorite. Apart from that it has 50 SPF. In addition to protecting your skin, it gives good coverage and makes your skin look radiant at all times.

Let's talk about hair. We saw her with very flattering waves. How do we get them?

I like hair to be full when we wave. My trick is to remove the moisture with the dryer until it is completely dry, polish the roots with a brush and dryer, and make the waves with a fine iron. I like to use a ceramic plate because I feel like I can handle the wave to the side I want. One of my most important tricks to make waves and create volume is to make one wave for the right side and one for the left side, so you don't lose volume. When combing it, it looks abundant.