Can you guess which characters they picked from the iconic 90s cartoon?

Lele Pons and Guaynaa always keep us entertained with their adventures on social media. Now, the power couple is bringing nostalgia to Halloween by dressing up as Angelica Pickles and Chuckie Finster from the 1990s Rugrats cartoon series.

"THE RUGRATS 🍼🍼" Pons wrote on Instagram alongside a carousel of photos featuring the lovebirds as the animated toddlers.

Fans loved the idea and took to the comments section to share their excitement over the costume choices.

"This is epic! Nostalgia kicking in 🔥🔥," one fan wrote.

In Rugrats, Angelica and Chuckie are close friends despite her always teasing him. They're the closest in age and are the ones who side with the babies during their adventures. Angelica also knows Chuckie's full name and is the one who helps him lie about his identity in the show.

The adorable costumes showcase the fun relationship between the Venezuelan singer and the Puerto Rican rapper who recently purchased their first home together and have proven they're in it for the long haul.

Lele Pons & Guaynaa Halloween
Credit: Instagram/Lele Pons

For World Mental Health Day, Pons shared a message of gratitude for her boyfriend, who helps her with her obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette Syndrome, depression and ADHD. 

"Happy Mental Health Day🙏🏼❤️…One of my biggest support system is my boyfriend. He takes me to my therapy sessions. He reads books about OCD, Tourette's, and Depression so he can learn more about my conditions and how to help," she wrote. "Some days are harder than others but because of him I am better today than I was before. I'm beyond grateful for you bebé❤️."

The artists met in 2020 and had instant chemistry. They recorded their hit song "Se te nota" in September of the same year. By December, they became an official couple after traveling to California's Big Bear Mountain.