Spiritu is a Latinx-focused subscription service aimed at providing its customers with fun, everyday lifestyle items and an introduction to locally based Latin-American makers.
spiritu box

Word-of-mouth and social media marketing are two tools Latino-owned firms utilize in order to attract consumers, according to a study from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative. Subscription services, which exploded in the early 2010s and make our consumer lives a bit more exciting and unpredictable, are now a third alternative. You can thank Spiritú for that.

In the fall of 2018, the Spiritú box started as a way to provide women and Latinx consumers with seasonal lifestyle products suited for everyday needs and wants. CEO/Co-founder Danielle Levine is proud to present a package that is not only fun and functional but also provides entrepreneurs/creators from south of the U.S. border with the opportunities to promote their goods.

Handcrafted key chains sourced from Peru are featured in the Spring box, supporting local female textile artisans through the Sustainable Preservation Initiative. By providing jobs, this initiative empowers local entrepreneurs to beat poverty while preserving their cultural traditions. In the Winter box, Spiritú sources handmade macramé bracelets from Medellin, Colombia.

Peruvian key chain from local female textile artisans located in Ollantaytambo and Kuelap.

Curated for the Latinx consumer, subscribers become more aware of charities, nonprofits and local communities in Latin America; Latinx lifestyle brands located in the States; and Latinx artists inspired by their cultural heritage. With the demographic accounting for 18 percent of the American population, there is a need for Latinx consumers to feel represented, and a corresponding need to increase the visibility of those entrepreneurs and creators.

Spring 2019 Spiritu Box

The Spiritú Spring box displays Sonia Romero's artwork on the front, a brown woman holding a pansy flower against her heart, symbolizing beauty, strength and growth. Says Romero, “One of my intentions was to depict a female figure that does not look like a thin model, that looks like a real person…”

Though it includes quality minimalist jewelry and luxury name-brand beauty items, with a total value over $100, the box is $40.

From the packaging details of the box to the items chosen to suit subscribers, there is a significant purpose for the Spiritú box, one that speaks to the spirit as well as the flesh.