From tortilla chips to spices, these brands are bringing sabor that your tastebuds will love.

Food has always been a staple of Latin culture and its people. With traditions stemming several generations, there's always comfort to be found in special dishes and ingredients that remind us of home.

From tortilla chips to spices, these Latinx founders have taken a leap and created food brands that help us connect to our roots while creating our own special recipes.

With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday coming up, we've compiled a list of Chica-approved brands founded by Latinos that we know you'll love.

Chicas Chips

Chicas tortilla chips makes small-batch, family recipe tortilla chips out of Los Angeles. The chips are made from real tortillas that are later fried in rice bran oil and flavored to perfection for restaurant-style chips straight to your table.

Ecuadorian founder, Irlanda Montes, coined the company "Chicas" in honor of how she grew up cooking with her sisters in their family kitchen.

"My husband and I always obsessed over entrepreneurship. During the real state crisis of 2008 which we personally got affected, all our thoughts were on what can we do to create jobs for so many people in need," Montes tells People Chica. "While he continued working to pay bills, I launched my incredible mother's salsa with the dream of someday seeing her salsa all over grocery stores across the US. For people to taste the salsa, I created my own delicious, handcrafted tortilla chips, little did I know that Chicas Tortilla Chips were the ones that would expand nationwide. Dreams are just waiting to put them into action."

Chicas Chips, Tortilla Chips,, starting at $4.99

Muchacha: Women in Coffee

Muchacha founder, Diana Hoyos, has transformed the coffee industry by supporting female leadership and companies owned by women in the coffee supply chain.

Coffee Victoria, Maria and Alicia feature diverse blends to fit your preferences with Colombian flavors such as sweet panela and chocolate. Grab a bag and ground some of the best fresh coffee you've ever tasted.

Muchacha, Coffee Victoria,, $20


Sweeten up your life with this Mexican American chocolate company that is serving la comunidad deluxe chocolates. Andrea Pedraza is a master of truffle creation and chocolate design, using her craft to bring old-world charm to modern times.

Located in Dallas, Texas the chocolatiers make everything from mini conchas, chocolate bars, truffles, horchata and more.

CocoAndré, Assorted Chocolate Products,, starting at $11 per box

Loisa Foods

For Latino families, sazón is a pivotal part of every day cooking. Using abuela's recipes as a reference, the founders of Loisa foods created their own line of certified organic, vegan adobosazón seasoning blends, single organic spices and kitchenware curated for Latin cooking.

Their mission was to develop a Latinx food line that didn't compromise health for better flavor while keeping traditions alive.

Loisa Foods, Flavor Trio Combo,, $29

Bundle x Joy

We can't overlook our furry family members this Small Business Saturday, which is exactly what Jess Berger, founder of Bundle x Joy was thinking when she became a first-generation American Latina creating a food brand for pets.

Named Pet Age's Women of Influence in 2021, she is crafting formulas of simplified pet nutrition that bring both joy and health to our beloved pets.

"After spending 15 years building some of the biggest pet brands on the shelf, I decided it was time to create the female-founded pet brand I wish existed – a trusted partner that helped simplify pet nutrition, all while creating more time for joy with our pups," Berger tells People Chica. "As a Latina, I seldom saw founders and entrepreneurs that looked like me in business. Now, as a small business owner, I hope to inspire more diverse founders to #chasejoy and follow their dreams."

Bundle x Joy,, starting at $59.99