Finish your holiday shopping with these brands that represent nuestra cultura with fabulous skin care, makeup and fragrances.

Looking for the perfect gift for a glam friend? Seeking a new addition to your beauty collection?

This holiday season, try something new from a Latinx-owned small business that always delivers quality products, ingredients and of course, representation.

With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday coming up, we've compiled a list of Chica-approved brands founded by Latinos that we know you'll love.


Mexicana Christina Kelmon and chilena Ann Dunning teamed up to start the skin care brand Vamigas, a line that honors the beauty rituals practiced across Latin America.

Ingredients like maracuja oil, papaya, rosa mosqueta and yerba mate are sourced from the Amazon to the Andes, finding their way into the vegan formulas designed to help your skin glow from within.

While the Luz de Sur Face Oil is the brand's most popular product, you'll also find face mists, hair oil and lip products. 

Vamigas, items start at $18,

Shocks of Love

Take your scent experience beyond perfume and into the realm of self-care with the clean fragrances from Shocks of Love. 

As a self-taught perfumer, founder Juan Felipe Rendon took inspiration from their Colombian background to create a playful line of mood-enhancing scents rooted in aromatherapy principles.

Plus, five percent of the profits go towards Activation Residency, an artist residency in Brooklyn, New York, that supports "Black, Brown, Indigenous, Trans and Queer" creatives.

Shocks of Love, items start at $40,

Skinergy Beauty

On a trip to visit family in the Dominican Republic, Priscilla Jiminian realized the answers to her skin care woes lay in the ingredients Latinos and Caribbean people had been using for centuries.

One of the brand's most popular products, the Dark Spot Correcting Cream, addresses the dreaded manchas, or hyperpigmentation, that many Latinas battle.

Beyond this best-seller, you'll find a wide array of carefully formulated, luxury skin care items designed to help all skin tones and skin types look and feel energized.

Skinergy Beauty, items start at $8.99,

Prados Beauty

Find bold, bright colors in the beautiful palettes created by Cece Meadows, who proudly celebrates both her native and Mexican heritage through her brand, Prados Beauty.

Their most recent launch, The Sagrado Collection, honors the hummingbird, which carries deep significance in both the Aztec religion and in indigenous cultures of the American southwest, where the bird represents blessings, beauty and prosperity.

In addition to her own brand, Meadows also developed the Prados Life Foundation, a non-profit that benefits Native people throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Prados Beauty, items starting at $8,

Mydas Cosmetics

Formerly known as Midas Cosmetics, this line known for its colorful eyeshadow palettes and loose glitters is back with a new identity.

Dominican American Rocio Nuñez first launched the brand in 2018 with the goal of prioritizing consumers in product development and collaborating with micro-influencers on limited edition collections. 

We're excited to see how the brand continues to grow, but in the meantime, many of their existing products from before the rebrand are at more than 50% off.

Mydas Cosmetics, items start at $0.99,