According to the report, the Latinx unemployment rate is still more than double what it was before the coronavirus pandemic.

Por Alma Sacasa
Septiembre 08, 2020

UnidosUS released a new report about the Latinx unemployment rate in the United States, and their findings show that Latinx unemployment remains high despite a slight increase in jobs. While the numbers have improved from April, when the rate was at 18.9 percent, from July to August the numbers only recovered from 12.9 percent to 10.5 percent. That's more than two times higher than the 4 percent unemployment rate Latinos  had before the coronavirus pandemic began in March.

"Latinos have definitely been among the hardest hit, which is clear from the unemployment numbers," Meggie Weiler, a senior economic policy analyst at UnidosUS, told NBC News. "The industries where Latinos are overrepresented or disproportionately represented are largely the leisure and hospitality industries as well as the retail industries — and those are the industries that have taken the longest to kind of recover."

UnidosUS, the Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization formerly known as the National Council of La Raza, recommended in their report that Congress should pass the HEROES Act and extend the $600 unemployment benefit that ended earlier this summer. The HEROES Act passed in the House of Representatives but has remained stalled in the Senate. Republicans have countered with a relief bill called the HEALS Act, which would only offer $1 trillion in aid as opposed to $3 trillion.

The U.S. Department of Labor reported that there were 1.4 million new jobs in August, compared to 1.8 million jobs in July. But despite that increase, the number of lost jobs has also increased, and businesses that were forced to close because of the pandemic are still being affected.