#MondayMotivation: Tune in this week for a podcast playlist that will help you find your inner light.

Farewell Scorpio season, and hello Sagittarius season! The sun has officially left the transformational sign of Scorpio and moved into the optimistic, light-hearted and wise sign of Sagittarius. According Kabbalah astrology, this is the season of miracles and one that holds new opportunities for everyone.

The idea that this fiery sign's season is one of miracles can be traced back to the practice of Chanukah where they would "light candles to connect to the miracle that happened in...the Holy Temple in Jerusalem." Not to be forgotten, Sagittarius season also kicks off the holiday season, which is a time where everyone is ready to share with their community.

To help you bask in this fiery Sagittarian energy, we've created a podcast playlist—in both English and Spanish—focused on enhancing your optimism, picking up tools for learning new things and expert insights to hone in your intuition.

Whether you're looking for a fresh perspective from Becky G or need Gloria Estefan, her daughter Emily and prima Lili to help you break generational cycles, grab your headphones and tune in.

1. En la sala con Becky G

The "Sin pijama" superstar hosts this English-language podcast where she interviews some of her favorite artists, family and friends. In each episode, she tackles issues facing the Latin community while trying to dismantle limiting beliefs, highlight stories through an honest lens and shows a side of herself that fans haven't seen before. Additionally, each episode includes a charitable component dedicated to a non-profit organization that falls within the theme of the week.

2. Red Table Talk: The Estefans

The Estefan women get real with their Facebook Watch show modeled after Jada Pinkett Smith's iconic Red Table Talk. While the show primarily streams on Facebook, it is also available in a podcast format in case you can't tune in to watch. Each week they dive head first into multi-generational perspectives on topics ranging from divorce to mental health to sexuality. The Estefan's also invite experts, artists and other family members to get in on the candid and fun chats.

3. Code Switch

If you've been wanting to listen in on fearless and raw conversations about race and culture, this is the podcast for you. NPR brings BIPOC journalists to tackle societal issues stemming from racial injustice through a lens of empathy and humor. The podcast was named Apple Podcast's first-ever Show of the Year in 2020.

4. Tu horóscopo de hoy

This podcast is great for anyone that wants universal advice on personal/professional growth, love or has a general curiosity of what the stars have in store for them on any given day (each episode comes in two-minute intervals).

5. Mi patio de vecinas: El podcast de La Forte

In an incredibly real and funny manner, La Forte dives into every aspect of life and brings on experts that'll answer all her burning questions. Each episode gives an uncensored POV on topics ranging from numerology to comedy to beauty to mental health and more.