Latina leaders discuss challenges they've faced in their careers and share powerful advice with others starting out in a stellar panel moderated by People en Español's Monique Manso.

Having a seat at the table is no longer enough for Latinas in the workplace; finding and using your unique voice when you're there to express a point a view, share your ideas or show your worth to an organization is paramount.

This was one of the conclusions reached by Daisy Auger-Domínguez, Chief People Officer at VICE Media Group; Nydia Sahagun, head brand and acquisition marketing manager for Humana's Primary Care Organization; and Nely Galán, real estate and media entrepreneur and the first Latina president of entertainment for a U.S. television network, Telemundo, during the panel Latinas in the Workplace, which was moderated by People en Español Vice President, Publisher Monique Manso.

Credit: Getty Images

During almost 40 minutes of conversation, they all also shared anecdotes from their years in the front lines and how they were able to overcome obstacles they encountered in the workforce.

"Always have your voice heard, always have that seat at the table, always say what you think and don't hold back," Sahagun said. "If you do that by being prepared... knowing your stuff, leading with the data, they have to listen. If they don't, that's where I start to question: 'Is this an environment for me?'"

Watch their insightful conversation in full above!