The planet is on alert due to fires burning in the Amazon, and celebrities like Ricky Martin, Natti Natasha and Camila Cabello are sharing their reactions.

Por Lena Hansen
Agosto 22, 2019

Planet Earth is in a state of emergency due to fires burning through the Amazon rainforest for over 17 days, and Latinx celebs have raised their voices about this crisis. According to reports, the fires were caused by prolonged drought and manmade problems like deforestation for cattle farming. This sacred paradise — which is home to thousands of animal and plant species, as well as indigenous communities — also helps protect the earth from the effects of climate change.

Ricky Martin shared an image of the blazing rainforest with the message, “When Notre Dame was burning, the world's media covered every moment of it and billionaires rushed to restore it. Right now the Amazon is burning, the lungs of the planet. It has been burning for 3 weeks now. No media coverage. No billionaires. #PrayForAmazonia.”

Dominican singer Natti Natasha also spoke out, sharing a video of an indigenous woman desperately asking for help as she sees her village burning down. “The lungs of the planet are burning and suffering. It is our mission to do whatever is necessary to get the voice out about what is happening [in the Amazon] and help to save it. The Amazon, which produces 20 percent of our planet's oxygen, is still on fire and this will bring serious consequences. It's time to unite to get the message out. Brazil and Bolivia, the countries that are the most affected, it's time to ACT NOW!,” her caption reads.

Reggaeton star Nicky Jam posted a video of rescue workers and wrote, “Don't pray for Brazil or the Amazon. Pray for yourself. The Amazon provides 20 percent of our oxygen every year and it's been burning at a record rate right now and for the past 18/19 days. This is a WORLD issue and emergency and effects all of our security.”

Camila Cabello also expressed her desperation. “This is heartbreaking and terrifying,” the Cuban singer wrote. ‪”This makes me want to cry with frustration. What are we DOING? We're literally destroying our miracle of a home. I'm so sorry, Earth.”

How can we all help? By donating to entities like WWF Brazil, Rainforest Concern, Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Trust, Amazon Watch, Greenpeace and Earth Alliance. You can also raise awareness about the Amazon fire crisis by posting on social media using the hashtags #ClimateCrisis and #PrayForAmazonia.