Alejandro Sanz starts #DreamerTeam campaign and celebs like Ricky Martin, Zoe Saldana, Isabella Gomez and Juanes join effort to help DREAMers achieve their goals.


Ricky Martin, Zoe Saldana, Isabella Gomez, Juanes and other Latinx celebs have joined singer Alejandro Sanz in his #DreamerTeam campaign to help DREAMers achieve their goals.

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin wrote on Instagram: “I'm joining my friend @AlejandroSanz on this great initiative to support the #Dreamers in the U.S. By purchasing this t-shirt, you can be part of our #DreamerTeam too. Because #WeAllDream. We all belong. We are all one. And EVERYONE matters. Funds raised will help three amazing charities support the Dreamers' education and future. Together we can let them know that their dreams matter — to us.”

Dominican American actress Zoe Saldana shared a post on Instagram wearing the #DreamerTeam black t-shirt with the message, “I am joining the #DreamerTeam with @AlejandroSanz so that Dreamers can continue to pursue their dreams. We can support their education, DACA renewals, and entrepreneurship programs by buying a DREAMER T-shirt at Because we all dream, we all belong and we are all one.”

One Day at a Time star Isabella Gomez is also supporting the campaign. “Joining @alejandrosanz and the rest of the #DreamerTeam in this initiative to support dreamers in the US,” she wrote on Instagram. “Support the education and futures of these kids because WeAllDream.”

Sanz wrote an open letter explaining his mission with this campaign. “We all have dreams, and all of us deserve to have the right to dream freely … but the dreams of the Dreamers are being seriously threatened. As you know, the Dreamers are children and youth who entered the U.S. irregularly, accompanying their parents, and in most cases, without knowing their immigration status. They have grown and lived in the U.S., which they consider their home, and they dream of getting out of the shadows. Despite not having permission to reside in the U.S., they were able to enroll in schools. As they come of age, they face the same needs as other youth their age, such as pursuing higher education, looking for a job or having a driver's license, but often, they cannot get these things, because of their lack of ‘papers,' and the permanent threat of being deported. The Dreamers movement brings together these undocumented youth who have made the conscious decisión to raise their voices without fear of deportation, and who began a fight to achieve immigration reform,” he expressed.


The Spanish singer emphasized that “We're all Dreamers” and assured “all funds raised by the sale of this shirt will directly support the ongoing efforts of Ascend Educational Fund, Dream Big Nevada and Immigrants Rising who fight daily to help struggling #Dreamers achieve their dreams.”