Learn about the romantic, inspirational and sentimental tattoos that Latin artists like Maluma, Selena Gomez, Wisin and Ivy Queen have been seen showing off.

Body ink is a popular form of self-expression for Latino artists. Selena Gómez got her first tattoo in 2012, a delicate musical note on her right wrist that stands for her love of music and being named after Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla. She also has The Philippians 4:13 Bible verse “God Strengthens Me” inked in cursive on her right hip, the mystical om symbol on her left hip and the Arabic phrase “Love yourself first” on her back.


Tattoos can also help pave the way to emotional healing after a tragic loss. Reggaetón star Wisin used one of his tattoos to show his love and devotion for his daughter Victoria Yireh, who died a month after being born in 2016 from genetic disorder Trisomy 13. The tattoo on Wisin's arm, drawn by famous artist Juan Salgado, shows his daughter's name and the face of an angel.

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Reggaetón queen Ivy Queen uses her colorful nail, hair and body art to make an unforgettable fashion statement. She has a cherry with the word “Sexy,” a wing on her shoulder, a fairy with the word “Queen,” five sunflowers, a mermaid symbolizing her Zodiac sign of Pisces and several other tattoos.


Cardi B's massive red-and-blue peacock tattoo on her right hip, created by artist Danny Lopez, is hard to miss. The charismatic rapper has proudly shown it off in Instagram posts, music videos and live performances. She has various other tattoos, including her sister's nickname, “Hennessy,” with three roses on her left biceps and the words “Loyalty over Royalty” on her right biceps.

Tattoos have also been used to profess love. Rapper Offset got Cardi B's name tattooed on his neck to show his commitment to the Dominican-American singer.

Puerto Rican trap star Anuel AA surprised many of his 13 million followers on Instagram when he posted a video of a sexy image of him and girlfriend Karol Gbeing tattooed across his back. “There is no acting in the ‘Secreto' video,” he said about his romantic music video with the Colombian singer. “We wanted to show you all the happiness we are experiencing together.”

Last year, Colombian singer Maluma and his girlfriend, Cuban-Croatian model Natalia Barulich, got matching tattoos just in time for Valentine's Day. An Instagram photo revealed their two hands caressing one another and showing off matching infinity signs etched on their thumbs.

The singer told People en Español about his body ink: “Each tattoo represents life experiences, things I like. I have a Tibetan Buddha because I like meditation. I have a lotus flower because it's the only flower that thrives in swamps. So even through adversity, it always finds the Light.”

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He also has the word “magia” (magic), the title of his first album, and “Romeo” the name of his nephew, on his back. “I have a temple, a pagoda. An owl, which symbolizes protection and wisdom, that's the most important thing to have in this music career. My family, my close circle and my own consciousness are my protection. My crown represents the connection I have with my fans,” he adds. Maluma's tattoos are as personal and spiritual as they get, so if you don't like them, as his song “Mala mía” says, then too bad!