The twin sisters talk about their new song, which features Miky Woodz.

Por Alma Sacasa
Mayo 19, 2020
Warner Music

Colombian twins Laura and Lucía Villa (aka Las Villa) were basically born into music — their dad's side of the family was heavily involved in the industry and their mom put them into music classes early on. "We decided to do it professionally and each went on to school to study for it," Laura tells People CHICA.

Laura and Lucía say their sisterhood is a huge advantage to their work because they rarely fight, and their individual creative processes mesh well together. "I like to say we compliment each other and we are the yin and yang in creating," says Lucía. "I prefer a sound that's more melodic, romantic, and lyrical, and Laura enjoys a sound more street, urban, and rhythmic. We are both perfectionists, so we may last hours working on a song and each of us puts our own thing to it."

Last week, the duo released their new single "Mírame," which is about dealing with heartbreak; the song features Miky Woodz singing the role of the male half of the couple. "It's a song about spite, and it speaks to your heart," explains the duo. "Once the relationship is over, we are looking in at what happened. It's a song that accompanies you in your heartbreak so you can heal from it."

Due to the pandemic, many Las Villa projects have been put on hold, but the sisters are still hoping to release some new music soon. "We have been composing as well," says Laura. "Talking to our team and discussing how we can release projects that have already been completed."

They're currently spending their quarantine in Bogotá, Colombia with their parents. "It has given us time to listen to music and talk about all the new music that has been released," shares Lucía. This includes artists like Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Rosalía, all with whom the twins would like to work one day. "Laura always had the idea when she was younger [that we would] revolutionize the Latin music industry from our point of view," Lucía says. "Another big goal would be to travel and get to know the world thanks to our music."

Listen to "Mírame" below.