Argentinian singer Lali talks to People CHICA about cohosting Premios Juventud, making fierce music and being madly in love.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 18, 2019

Lali is co-hosting Premios Juventud, airing Thursday night on Univision, and the Argentinian singer talked to People CHICA about this exciting new challenge. “I feel very happy and fortunate to have this unique opportunity,” she says. About sharing the stage with CNCO as co-hosts, she adds, “I love them as artists and they are super-cool people.”

How is she preparing for the big night? “I've been thinking of my fashion looks for a while. The wardrobe needs to be functional for the show and also mark my style. I love to play with fashion, it's an important part of my music and my art,” she says. “If you see my videos and performances you will see that fashion is a protagonist and I create a ‘character' with every outfit. Premios Juventud will be no exception! I will wear really different looks that go from glam rock to a street style.”

Before she became an internationally known singer, Lali was a child actress. “I loved playing to be someone else. At 10 years old it was all about playing. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot,” she recalls of her early days as a telenovela actress in Argentina. “Later, when I was older, I understood that it was my profession and a big responsibility. Far from becoming boring, it became a challenge for me. I love to act and that feeds me artistically as a singer too.”

The pop star says that making women feel empowered is a priority as a songwriter. “I've been doing it since the first song I wrote. It comes naturally, it's genuine, I express myself as a woman, as a South American, as a dreamer and as a girl who earns what she has on her own,” she says. “I work hard and say what I think.”

She also has a fierce fashion style. “I'm super eclectic and diverse,” she explains. “I play with fashion and with music. I don't like to get stuck and like to change.” One thing that is constant are the loves of her life. “I thank the universe for the family I have. Friends are that second family that tell us the truth and remind us who we are at times we are stressed, sad or overwhelmed,” she says. “My boyfriend Santiago [Mocorrea] is my rock, and my nephew is my littlest but great love. They fill me with energy to go on.”

Even though she has a lot of fun on stage, she is far from being a party girl. “I love being home. I'm more of a hermit,” she says. “But I'm also a great host. I love to welcome friends at home and have a great time with a good wine and music. A party at home is the best plan!”