The stars team up to fight dark forces in their new production.

J Balvin and Sech face forces of darkness in their new music video "La Luz," released on Halloween. The reggaeton singers are called by a boy in distress to a haunted mansion, where they have to fight ghosts and monsters. They arrive in colorful Ghostbusters-like regalia, fully armed and ready to tackle paranormal creatures that have crashed a Halloween party. Dancing skeletons, creepy clowns, and mischievous ghosts can't keep Sech and J Balvin from partying and joining the perreo. "I challenge you to turn off the light," the lyrics say. "I want the same thing as you."

Sech y J Balvin
Credit: Sergi Alexander/Getty Images; Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Spotify

The Panamanian singer talked to Billboard about this collaboration with the Colombian reggaetonero. "This is something different," he said. "People have not heard me with this flow. J Balvin and I never had plans to collaborate together. We were just going to be friends forever. But after participating in many remixes together, I decided to show this song to him and he jumped on the track."

J Balvin also shared his excitement on Instagram over recording with his "compa" Sech, sharing behind-the-scene photos of the production.

The fun and spooky music video was directed by Colin Tilley, who also directed all of the music videos for Balvin's Colores album. "We have these great conversations where we can throw spaghetti against the wall and some days, none of it will stick, but if one of those spaghetti strings sticks and we're able to make it work, then that little spaghetti string will continue to lead to other cool ideas because it's so far left," Tilley told Billboard of working with Balvin. "José is just the definition of a true collaborator."