Check out the exclusive premiere of La Doña's latest music video.

Credit: Thalia Gochez

Cecilia Peña-Govea, better known as La Doña, captivates with her unique sound and style. Watching her new video “Quién Me La Paga” is like crashing a big party where people are gathered in the kitchen while food cooks on the stove, live music plays, and the vibe makes you want to dance. The life of this fiesta is definitely La Doña, who asks in her lyrics: “Who pays for my bills? Who pays for my casita amor?” The song is an anthem for independent women everywhere.

In the new song, the Mexican American star fuses a traditional, accordion-laced Mexican sound with a contagious urban beat. The San Francisco–born singer — who grew up playing playing trumpet, guitarrón, and vihuela in her parents’ band — blends Caribbean music, reggaeton, and hip-hop styles, and explores her “radical brown femininity, inspired by love, sex, pain, and natural disasters” in her lyrics.

La Doña wants to create a new style of reggaeton — “femmeton” — that incorporates musical influences from her childhood, from Tejano-style rancheras to Bay Area hip-hop and música de la frontera. Check out the video below.