Por Hello Giggles
Marzo 06, 2017
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Even though it's not yet summer, Kylie Jenner is totally ready for the beach. Kylie's given us bikini inspiration before, and she must have known that we were desperate and impatient for more!

Jenner's latest photo shoot debuts a latex bikini, and we seriously didn't know that such a badass piece of swimwear existed. With the sun beating down on her, and that gorgeous tall grass, this photo is simply majestic. Oh, and the other awesome detail? Her swimwear has a total retro vibe — as in this is a cut and style you might see on a '50s pinup girl — with a modern, Kylie twist of course.

The caption appropriately reads, “In another world.”

Summer here we come! We love the high-waisted bottom and heart-shaped bust. All hail the bikini queen.

And if you're absolutely loving Kylie's beach style, there are actually affordable options if you do a little digging. You don't have to though, because we did it for you!




If you're interested in experimenting with latex, that's totally possible! It's a little pricier, but looks so killer.


Thanks for opening our eyes to different looks, Kylie!

It's always great to get bursts of inspo from this style maven. She's been killing it this year; just last week, her pop-up in NY store was so popular that crowds shut down the streets! And throughout all the commotion of her busy life, Jenner knows how to keep a sense of humor.

Now, back to the pressing matter at hand. BRING ON SUMMER!