By Hello Giggles
April 27, 2017 01:03 PM
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

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After a week of her fans sending her pictures of baked goods, Katy Perry has officially announced her new single “Bon Appétit,” and it’s out TOMORROW

Following the release of “Chained To The Rhythm,” and after a couple of high profile performances, Katy Perry has kinda bee a little quiet. The singer is hard at work on her upcoming fourth album, which is expected to drop sometime later this year, but fans have been getting pretty impatient to hear any new music from the star.

Then, at the beginning of this week, Katy Perry shared a recipe for cherry pie with her fans, and ask them to get to work and start baking.

Of course, when a popstar asks their fans to do something, usually they do it, and the KatyCats came THROUGH with some incredibly tasty looking pies.

Well, it seems that all this baking was leading up to something…Katy Perry has just announced her new single, and it’s out tomorrow.

The track is titled “Bon Appétit,” and features hip hop group Migos.

The singer shared the track’s artwork on social media, and it got quite the response, with some fans even remaking the artwork.

Meanwhile, some of those fans that sent Katy at picture of the pie that they’d baked received a special prize from the singer.

The mock menu has sparked some discussion about whether the singer’s upcoming album could be titled Witness (witness is the English translation of témoin). Hmm…we wonder…

It was also announced that Katy Perry would be playing the closing episode of this season of Saturday Night Live on May 20th.

Until then, we’re super excited to see what Katy Perry has up her sleeve with “Bon Appétit,” and can’t wait to hear it when it drops tomorrow.