In a new episode of the Facebook Watch show, the actress recalls feeling afraid of her first husband.

On the latest episode of Red Table Talk: The Estefans, actress Kate del Castillo spoke to Gloria, Lili, and Emily Estefan about some of the most-discussed moments in her personal life: her relationship with Sean Penn, her meeting with Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, and her past marriages. In a preview clip from the episode, del Castillo recalls her marriage to former soccer star Luis García Postigo, who she has alleged was abusive.

"He was very funny, very likable, charming — like, really charming," the actress explains. "And then he would cry his eyes out" asking for forgiveness after fights. "I was so in love," del Castillo adds. "I wanted it to work so hard." She goes on to say that she would pretend to be asleep when her husband would come home at night, and could feel her heart pounding when he came in the door.

Since Red Table Talk: The Estefans premiered last month, the Estefan women have not shied away from having difficult conversations with their guests and each other. In one episode, Emily confessed to her mother, Gloria, that she felt her family had not been supportive when she came out. In another, Gloria said that she experienced suicidal thoughts as a teenager when she was taking care of her father, a Vietnam War veteran who had multiple sclerosis. "What got me through that moment was thinking of others," she said.

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