Kat Dahlia dishes on new single "I'm Doin' Good," being an Indie artist and the humorous challenge of explaining to her Cuban grandma what veganism is.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 24, 2019

Kat Dahlia confesses “I'm Doin' Good.” That's the title of the Cuban American singer's new single, inspired by a former love's return. “I think there is always that person in our lives that tends to pop up when we are finally focused on our greatness. That's what it's inspired by,” she tells People CHICA. Her music is her number one priority and there are no distractions allowed for the 28-year-old beauty! “It's so refreshing and great to be releasing music as an Indie artist and get the freedom to be creating whatever I want and putting it out, having more control over my career. It's an exciting time and chapter,” she says. “You don't a 100 people in your ear, you don't have 100 opinions in your head. I can just focus on what I think is cool and what I want to create. I can just be authentically and genuinely myself.”

For Dahlia being herself means, in part, embracing her vegan lifestyle while still enjoying her grandma's Cuban food.”My grandma is so not about it. She made me yuca con mojo and congrí and she put bacon in it. I'm eating it and I'm like: ‘Abuela, is there meat in this?' She's like: ‘There is just three little pieces of bacon in it. Whatever, just push them to the side!'” she recounts with a laugh.

Crashing at her grandma's house and visiting the rest of her family, who all live close to each other in Wynwood, is priceless. “I grew up listening to everything in Miami,” the artist, who is from the ‘305' but now lives in LA says. “I was listening to everything from Bob Marley to Hot Boys to Lil John to Celia Cruz to Tito Puente. My brother got me into punk rock. I love all types of music. I'm really into Afro beats right now.” Those eclectic influences are reflected in her songs.

“I really want to make music for females, songs that connect with real women today, for the everyday girl in this crazy world,” admits the singer, who will be dropping new songs and music videos in digital platforms this year and hopes to release an album in 2020.

“We have it super hard and that's always my focus, writing songs that are real to me and hopefully real to a lot of girls,” she reflects. “That's the most fulfilling way for me to make music.”

Kat Dahlia's fashion style is also unique. In her closet “you are going to find a lot of hoodies, a lot of jewelry, lot of rings, lot of big ass door knocker earrings and weird sunglasses,” she jokes. Collabs she dreams of? “I would love to work with Drake, Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny,” she reveals, adding with a sigh: “Those are probably the hardest artists to ever reach!” Universe, are you listening?