Weeks after the Dominican rapper's remarks during one of her performances, the Bichota has spoken.

Yailín La Más Viral has been making veiled comments that have been allegedly aimed at Karol G for several weeks.

The Dominican rapper, alongside fianceé Anuel AA, has taken to Instagram among other mediums, to share her thoughts on Karol G's chart-topping song, "Mamiii."

In true Bichota style, the Colombian singer has taken the high road, enjoying her musical success at Coachella as well as other creative pursuits she is currently working on.

However, during the week of May 16, during a show in Cali, Colombia, the singer cleared up rumors about what "Mamiii" is about and set the record straight once and for all.

"This song is not about hurt women, it's about Bichotas who have moved on," she said during her performance. "Let's sing it loud so it can be heard and made clear."

Her remarks could be aimed at one of the many messages posted by Yailín via Instagram shortly after the release of "Mamii."

"I feel that there are a lot of people who are hurt but unfortunately I am not at fault for anything," she wrote.

Later, at one of her performances in the United States in early May, the Dominican rapper stopped mid-performance to make a poignant announcement to the crowd that many feel was a jab at Karol G.

"No one has called you again," she shouted repeatedly while pointing the microphone at the crowd. "No one has called you again, sl*t."

As the music started up again in the background, she asked the DJ to stop and added, "Men don't like serious women, men like bad women. That's why the Domi [Dominican] trapped him, that's why he stayed with the Domi."

Additionally, the 19-year-old performer has taken measures to prohibit the use of colored wigs in the audience, a protocol that has been implemented for her "security."

Yailín hasn't been the only one sending indirect messages, a few weeks ago Karol's Puerto Rican ex-fianceé also posted an explosive message in his Instagram Stories that seemed to be directed to the queen bichota as well.

Credit: Instagram Stories/ Anuel

"And supposedly I'm the one that's stuck in the past," he wrote. "We are not in the old days, I'm not the one that's dedicating songs after all this time. Leave me alone, you've got me fed up."

He added, "That's it, this is the only reaction you're getting from me. Think whatever you want to think and whatever they're making you think. If people only knew."

It looks like the Bichota has moved on.