The Bichota revealed her hopes of working with the iconic Colombian artist soon.

Karol G has seen insurmountable growth in her career since the release of her first album in 2017 and her top-charting single "Tusa" which launched her into stardom in 2021.

The Bichota has collaborated with artists such as Nicki Minaj, Camilo, Becky G, Luis Fonsi, Bad Bunny and more. However, there are still a few artists she would love to share the sound waves with, including fellow Colombian native, Shakira.

In a recent interview on YouTube's Molusco TV, the 31-year-old shared that her original track "Punto G" was originally meant to be recorded alongside the "Hips Don't Lie" vocalist.

"I wasn't scared to knock on [Shakira's] door, just like one day I knocked on Nicki Minaj's door and she told me 'yes'… I sent her a DM and she said 'yes,' it was that easy," the urban singer confessed.

She had just collaborated with Minaj on "Tusa" and felt a confidence boost, so she decided the worst Shakira's team could say was "no," which is in fact what happened. She also considered doing the song with both Shakira and Jennifer López.

"I'm going to call Shakira and if the opportunity arises, we'll call J.Lo and make the song," she recalls. "I'm not saying I'm at their level, but I'm saying that Daddy Yankee taught us that big artists also give opportunities to new artists because they're the next [generation]."

Her team sent the song and it didn't work out, but the Billboard Rule Breaker award winner hasn't lost hope for a possible collaboration in the future.

"They are artists that have a long trajectory, that have done impressive things worldwide. I'm on the way," she told Molusco. "If tomorrow I have another song that I feel in my heart is meant to be sung with [Shakira], I will knock on her door again," she added.

Karol G
Credit: Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

Despite rejecting the Medellin native's invitation, the barranquillera has shared her admiration and gratitude towards her on Twitter after Karol included a rendition of "Hips Don't Lie" on her Coachella tribute to latin artists.

"Proud of you @karolg at Coachella!!" Shaki wrote. "Thanks for the love! Congratulations and keep flying high!!!"