The Bichota represented girl power taking the stage to sing "El Barco" with her all-female band.

Karol G continues to break barriers—and rules.

On Wednesday, the Colombian singer graced the stage at the Billboard Women in Music awards to sing an acoustic rendition of her song "El Barco" and receive the "Rule Breaker" award dedicated to female artists who use their music and voice to defy expectations.

"I'm happy, happy, super happy. Believe me that I saw this a lot of times on TV, dreaming of one day being here…" the urban artist said. "Thank you, Billboard, for giving me this and for giving me the opportunity to perform in front of all these amazing queens."

Karol G
Credit: Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Billboard

Christina Aguilera teased the audience by presenting a video reel of the bichota's accomplishments while singer Sabrina Claudio welcomed her to the stage for her performance and award.

"Karol G didn't become the top woman in reggaeton by fitting in," Claudio said during her opening speech. "With her fearless ambition and unapologetic message of female empowerment, this year's rule breaker and streaming sensation is opening doors for women in Latin music by showing that it pays to be yourself. Representing what it means to be Latina, I think I speak for all of us when I say she is an inspiration."

The "MAMII" was taken aback by the dedications made in her honor, even giving Aguilera a shout out for comforting her backstage. However, the 31-year-old wrapped up her speech with an inspiring message of unity.

Karol G
Credit: Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Billboard

"The world teaches us all the time to see bad things in each other and in ourselves, and what about if we just see the beautiful things in us? I try to do that every day," she added. "Thank you, to all the Latinos, I see there are so many of you here."

The songstress also took to Instagram to share a heartwarming message on making her dream come true.

"Yesterday was and has been for me one of the most special days of the year...Billboard gave me an incredible honor as 'Rule Breaker' during a night where they celebrated the talent and work of women in the music industry," she wrote. "I saw that gala for years dreaming I'd be there, visualizing myself convinced that working hard I'd get there and I can say it was more special than I thought it could be ❤️‍🔥.

She continued, "Also having the incredible opportunity to sing in front of women that I admire and respect so much. Today I woke up without believing it but here it is once again...what's beautiful about life and dreams is that THEY DO COME TRUE and I still haven't figured out on how and after all these years but IT HAPPENS."