The Colombian singer earned the most nominations and awards at last night’s show.


We know no one can handle Karol G's "pum-pum." Last night, the singer-songwriter with the most nominatios at Premios Juventud proved the extent of her talents by taking home six and delivering an outstanding performance of her new single, "200 copas."

Nominated for 12 awards, she won in the following categories: Youth Artist (Female), The Traffic Jam ("Bichota"), The Catchiest ("Ay, Dios mío"), Hottest of the Crew ("Bichota"), Social Dance Challenge ("Bichota") and Trendiest.

Karol G also honored her fellow nominees: Becky G, Natti Natasha, Rosalía, Chiquis and Kany Garcia.

"Each and every one of the artists who was nominated here tonight is, great, incredible, just like the empire that we are building," she said. "We are already part of the game. They respect us, they give us our place, we give value. Thank you all."

Karol G
Credit: Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Univision

Karol G also sent an empowering message to her fans. "My loves, move forward and work with a good attitude. Every day we learn from what happens to us and the idea is to overcome all good and bad things. We can do it!"

In addition to gathering her many accolades, the artist performed a twist on her latest single "200 copas" dressed in a stunning orange dress surrounded by an all-women Mariachi band.

Karol G performs onstage at Premios Juventud 2021 at Watsco Center
Credit: Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Univision

"I always dreamed that my name wouldn't be the only one among female talents," she said during the awards. "I wanted my name as a woman to compete with men, culture, and music all over the world, and it's marvelous."