Karol G mesmerizes in her new music video “Love With a Quality,” featuring Damian Marley. Hear the Colombian urban music goddess sing in English for the first time!

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 14, 2019

Working with Damian Marley on the track “Love With a Quality” for her new album, Ocean (Universal Music Latino), was a dream come true for Karol G. “It's one of those things that you can check off on your list of wishes. I admire him, I respect him. Having a song with him is one of the greatest things on the album,” the Colombian singer, 28, tells CHICA about collaborating with Bob Marley's son.

“When we were both in the studio, Damian Marley told me: ‘Let's make music with a purpose. Together we made “Love With a Quality.” It's an honor to have him in my album,” she posted on Instagram.

The reggae-infused song marks an important milestone for the urban music princess, as this is the first time we hear Karol G sing in English. She is not looking for a full-blown crossover to the English-language market, she says, but singing in English seems like a natural next step for the “Punto G” singer, who won her first Latin Grammy last year and keeps topping the music charts.

The music video has a Caribbean island feel, with a “peace and love” vibe. It shows a curly haired Karol G dressed in reggae-colored clothing walking through a village where kids are playing, women hanging clothes to dry and men chopping coconuts and playing dominoes. The singer shows her fun side, playing soccer, singing with the children and dancing with the women.

The album also includes the song “La vida continuó” with popular Brazilian duo Simone & Simaria, which has parts in Portuguese, a tribute to Brazil, where Karol G was welcomed like a queen — with the crowd singing her songs in Spanish — when she performed at Carnaval this year. “All songs have a purpose. We are trying to achieve something different with every song,” she tells CHICA. “I think there is a perfect balance. This is not an album that people will expect. I think they will be surprised by this new album.”

If world domination is not Karol G's intentional goal, she is still on her way! The Colombian singer keeps conquering new territories and wowing fans with her artistic evolution.