The singer gave an update on her health and shared some of the lessons she's learned during the pandemic.

Karol G, who earlier this month tested positive for COVID-19, has now regained her health. The Colombian singer, 29, shared the update on Instagram, after previously confirming that she had tested positive while her fiancé, Puerto Rican trapero Anuel AA, 27, had tested negative. "About two weeks, almost three weeks ago, I realized I had COVID," she said in an Instagram Live video. "It was really difficult, really painful," she added, but assured fans that she was recovering and would get retested to make sure she was negative.

Karol G
Credit: (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Karol added that she and Anuel agreed to separate physically until she felt better. Anuel visited her a few times, but they only talked through glass. "Thanks to everyone who worried about my health," she said then. "I just want to tell you to please take care of yourselves. This is a reality."

Karol G — who recently released the new single "Ay, DiOs Mío" — also shared another video where she talked about the lessons she has learned during this pandemic.

"The pandemic started when I was on tour," she said. "When the stay-at-home orders started and I had to cancel everything, I was very mad and felt sad." It didn't take long for her to change her way of thinking, though. "I think we have woken up to different things and different realities," she continued. "I like seeing what is happening. And I feel that despite what has happened, there is a humanity that is trying to come back much more united."

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