Anuel AA got his dream car from fiancée Karol G as a birthday gift.


Karol G just gave Anuel AA his dream car for his birthday. Like a child playing with a new toy, the Puerto Rican trap star showed his excitement over his new “Batman car,” a gift from his fiancée Karol G. Anuel shared an emotional post on Instagram reflecting about life at 27 and showing his gratitude. “Alive and not in jail. Living my dream! Happy birthday to me,” he wrote. “27 years old. Karol G gave me Batman's car!”

Wearing a Red Sox outfit and lots of bling, the birthday boy appears in the video sitting on his shiny black Polaris Slingshot sports car. “We are here celebrating my birthday in Batman's damn car that Karol gave to me,” he joked. “Batman's car! Do you get that?”

The urban music star also shared a spiritual message in the video, highlighting his life lessons after being released from jail in 2018, where he was sentenced to 30 months on gun-possession charges. “I'm 27 years old. When many people thought I would be dead or in jail or God-knows-where doing nothing with my life, they said I was crazy and I thank God that I'm here,” he added. “God knows what is in our hearts and remember that if you act with malice, you won't see God's blessings. Amen!”


Anuel also gave Karol G a neon orange Mercedes Benz SUV for her last birthday and celebrated their first-year anniversary with a romantic surprise.

Anuel put rose petals all over the floor and decorated their home in Miami with candles and golden balloons spelling out “first anniversary.” He also left a champagne bottle and a heart shaped out of rose petals on their bed. He also gave his bebecita a luxury Richard Mille watch. Happy birthday, Anuel, and enjoy your Batmobile!