The Bichota has officially changed her look, but not without giving it a proper goodbye.

It's a new era for Karol G.

The Bichota has decided to change her look and wave goodbye to her iconic blue hair, but not without a proper goodbye first.

On July 31, the Colombian singer posted a series of videos and stories on her Instagram of the last moments she spent with her blue hair, which is now officially gone.

"I want to tell you all that I've decided it was time to change my blue hair that you all loved as much as I did," Karol G started in her Instagram stories.

Karol G/Instagram
Credit: Karol G/Instagram

The singer added, "To say goodbye, my blue hair and I went on vacation to some of the places that were on my dream list, I took my friends, we behaved well, we behaved badly, we ate a lot, danced a lot, drank a little more. WE SAID GOODBYE WITH POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE!!!"

She continued, "With tears because we said goodbye to all our past, of an era I'll never forget, to people I loved very much, to a lot of pain, to so much immaturity, of so much evolution, of incredible success, of reconnecting with myself, of the most successful album of my career up to this point, of my first sold-out tours, to my first stadiums, of songs to vent, of songs just because, of working a lot, of #1 songs, of people that I adored but that simply didn't do me well, of laughing so much and enjoying myself."

"Of drinking the 200 glasses with my friends, until I felt as free as I did in Provenza...and yes...of my blue hair," she wrapped up. "I documented some of our last moments together that honestly, have been SOME OF THE BEST OF MY LIFE. P.S. FROM THE MOST BLUE OF MY HEART."

Karol G
Credit: Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Billboard

The stories showcased a majestic tour that started in Santorini, continued to Dubai and ended in Kenya, where the 31-year-old singer made her dream of going on safari come true.

"Kenya has been the most spectacular place that I ever visited, with the most beautiful and special people I ever met," she wrote. "It topped my list of dream places forever and I couldn't believe I was there...I want to go back and spend weeks there!!!"

During her visit to the East African country, the Medellín native saw lions and giraffes, danced with the locals and went on a hot air balloon ride.

Karol G
Credit: Karol G/Instagram

"I have to tell you that never in my life have I felt as blessed, as special and as human. Since I was 14 years old I called myself Karol G and I started working," she added. "After such a long time Carolina reconnected with herself, with the world, with you all and with the true ideals that make me live better and work harder every day! It wasn't always like this, but I always trusted that one day it would be."

She ended her message by sharing some words of wisdom and strength for her fans, urging them to continue following their dreams.

"As I always tell you, one day I also saw videos and successes of other people that motivated me a ton and today I feel very happy to celebrate mine, so go ahead and go for yours," she wrote.

We can't wait to see your new look, Chica!