The actress talked to People CHICA about her role in Amazon's upcoming series Hunters and what it means to be a proud Dominicana.

Por Lena Hansen
Noviembre 07, 2019

Julissa Bermudez has her plate full. The Afro-Latina star talked to People CHICA about her role on the new Amazon series Hunters and co-hosting Fox's entertainment news show Central Avenue. She also talked about her love of Dominican food and how she can't turn down her tía's cooking. Now that she's living in Atlanta while working on Central Avenue, she is close to her aunt, who spoils her with her favorite Dominican and Caribbean dishes. “I'm taking full advantage that my tía is hooking me up,” she jokes. “I don't know if that's going to show in front of the camera. You might see me looking healthy and plump.”


Besides enjoying her aunt's soul food, she'll also spend some quality time with her parents, who are flying in from Santo Domingo to spend Thanksgiving with her in Atlanta. “I'm very much attached to my Dominican roots,” says Bermudez, who came to America when she was two years old. “It's a constant celebration in terms of what I eat, what music I listen to. I never want to forget my upbringing, it's so embedded in me. From listening to reggaeton, which I've been a fan of forever, to now trap en español. At the holidays, you know how it is in a Latino household — it's a party! We get together and find any reason to celebrate. Nochebuena is lit!”


She has a lot to be grateful for this year. Co-hosting Central Avenue with Sanya Richards-Ross has been a treat, she says. “My co-host is an Olympic gold medalist, which I think is so cool!” she says of Richards-Ross, who keeps Bermudez focused on fitness and gives her tips. “We are also shooting in Atlanta, which makes it different because of the energy out here, the swag. It's a really fun city. It's the first time you'll see two women of color hosting this kind of show, and that within itself makes it different. It's been a really fun journey so far.”

Shooting the Amazon series Hunters, starring Al Pacino, has also been a blessing. “It's a wild ride. We have Jordan Peele producing and it takes place in New York City in 1977,” she says. “It's gruesome. We have flashbacks to the Nazi times in the 1940s. I play the role of María de la Ruiz. I'm the girlfriend of a detective that is trying to figure out these murders that are happening.” Hunters isn't set to premiere until 2020, but you can catch Julissa on Central Avenue now.