The Central Avenue co-host talks about her style and shares some of her favorite destinations in the world.

Por Lena Hansen
Noviembre 11, 2019

Besides being an actress and TV host — check her out in the upcoming Amazon series Hunters and the Fox show Central Avenue — Julissa Bermudez is passionate about fashion and travel. “I've become an influencer by way of staying as authentic as I am and finding my voice,” she tells People CHICA. “I've always had a love for fashion and beauty and it started naturally. I just started sharing all this information that I gathered from being in front of the camera throughout the years and getting my makeup and hair done, just picking up tips from artists.”

After seeing her Instagram posts, you can't help but fantasize about what her fabulous closet must look like. “When you open up my closet you definitely see a mix of high and low. I'm a firm believer of walking into Topshop or Zara and finding pieces that are trendy but that you're not going to spend a ton of money on,” she says. “I always love a great shoe —maybe that's where I'll splurge more — or handbag and I'll mix it up. You'll find some Fashion Nova, a lot of online boutiques.”

The globetrotter, 36, also shares postcards from her travels on social media. “As you mature and become an adult, I would much rather spend money on an amazing trip that's going to leave memories embedded on my mind forever than on the latest handbag,” she admits.

What are some of her favorite places on Earth? “I love London. I'm a big fan of the U.K., I always loved their authentic street style. Definitely visiting Paris once in your life is an amazing experience. It's such a fabulous city,” she says. “A lot of the places that I've been to have been for work, but I always find a way to explore and get to know the culture.”

“I have to give a shoutout to Santo Domingo and the Caribbean,” the proud Dominican adds. “I've been to South Africa and it was mind-blowing,” she recalls. “I've been to Ghana and Nigeria. The continent of Africa I want to explore a lot more; I want to go back and continue to do charity there.”

Riding a camel and visiting the pyramids in Egypt was also a life-changing moment, she says. “I've been to the Middle East and it was eye-opening. I visited Qatar and also went to Dubai, I've been to Beirut and Lebanon. Last year during the holidays I went to Israel and spiritually it was so enriching,” she says.

“My passport has stamps from all over, which represents me growing up in New York and always being so curious about wanting to know more about different cultures and the people that you are hustling and bustling with on a daily basis, the diverse people you see on the train,” she reflects. “I'm so blessed.”