Mexican singer Joy Huerta from pop duo Jesse y Joy reveals she is in love with another woman and will soon be a mom in an emotional Instagram post.


Here's to pleasant surprises.

In an emotional Instagram post April 16, singer Joy Huerta of popular Mexican brother-sister duo Jesse y Joy made two important announcements: She will soon be a mom — and she is in love with another woman. Along with an ultrasound video of her daughter on the way, Huerta posted the heartfelt message: “Music is my form of expression with all of you. I have shared each part and facet of my life with you through music. The most valuable thing I have in life and what I protect most is my family and my privacy, and I'm grateful that all of you, as well as my colleagues in the music industry, have always respected that.”

The singer, 32, goes on to say that she wanted to keep this happy news to herself until the right time arrived, but some people, “out of morbid interest, are misrepresenting information.” The couple have been together seven years. Joy surprised many fans with her following words: “Since I was a little girl, I viewed sexual preferences beyond black and white: two people loving each other to me is love, no matter what their gender is. And even though I never thought that the love of my life would be a woman, seven years ago we met, and love took us both by surprise.”

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Joy admits she was afraid at first of sharing her love story, not knowing how her fans would react. “At first, it was hard for both of us to accept that we had reached our destiny, but leaving the fear of what people will say aside, I opened my arms wide and embraced my happiness.”

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As for becoming a mom: “Today my wife and I are expecting our first baby, a beautiful baby girl, thank God, that is healthy and full of life. I devote myself to music and when I stand before my dear friends of the press I talk about that: my work, nothing more. I will be the one to decide when and how much of my private life and intimacy I share with the world, like I have done today. I love each and everyone of you.”

Joy was showered with support from her followers. “If I admired you before, now I admire you more,” one wrote. “The important thing is that you love each other and that your little girl will have your love as an example. Congratulations,” another commented.