Mexican singer Joy Huerta talks about standing up for the LGBTQ community and how she dealt with discrimination against her family.


Joy Huerta — from the popular duo Jesse & Joy — talked to People en Español exclusively about how she has faced discrimination as part of a lesbian couple. In August, the Mexican singer, 33, and her wife, Diana Atri, went to a government agency in Mexico to process their daughter Noah's passport, and Huerta later expressed her outrage at being discriminated against for having an LGBTQ family.

In the latest issue of the magazine, the singer talks about how motherhood has changed her life and how she feels privileged to be able to stand up for her LGBTQ community and use her fame to fight for equality and justice. “We all go through moments in life when we have to make crucial decisions,” she says. “Our entire lives are based on decisions we make.”


In April, Huerta announced on social media that she was expecting a baby girl with the woman she loved, opening up for the first time about her wife and being part of the LGBTQ community. “I've been in a committed relationship for many years but I hadn't wanted to talk about it because I didn't feel that it had to be news and I still think that. I think it's sad that today someone's sexual orientation, whether someone is gay or bisexual, is still news,” she says. “Everyone should do with their lives what makes them happy.”

However, wanting to share the news that she would become a mom to baby Noah made her take that step that many colleagues and fans have applauded. “I wanted to share that my wife and I were going to bring a piece of heaven to our home,” she says. “That was the news for me.”

When she and Diana welcomed baby Noah, Huerta says she was treated differently for having a family that included two mothers. “There was a difference because of my decision of living my life with another woman,” she says, recalling when she was asked for additional unnecessary documents at the Mexican passport agency. “They asked me for something that wasn't officially required. I called my lawyer and she advised me that wasn't legal,” Huerta recalls. “I jumped through every hoop they made me jump through, and after hours of waiting I left with my daughter's passport in hand.”

She realized that other parents from the LGBTQ community might not be so lucky in facing these bureaucratic processes, and felt the need to speak out. “Asking me who the biological mother is or requesting that I put my fingerprints on my daughter's passport as the father is not only insensitive, it is discriminatory,” she expressed on Twitter, bringing worldwide attention to the issue.


The singer — and brother Jesse Huerta, the other half of the popular duo — just released the new single “Tanto.” “It's a song that we have the great pleasure of sharing with our dear friend Luis Fonsi,” she says of the collaboration. “It's part of our new album. We are going to start a new tour next year.”

To read more of Huerta's exclusive interview, pick up the new issue of People en Español, now on newsstands.