Kim Kardashian’s best friend is ready to launch a website for food junkies after recently debuting a food delivery service.

Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Enero 06, 2017
Jonathan Cheban
Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for iHeart

If there's anyone who knows their food, it's the “FoodGod,” Jonathan Cheban. Best friend to Kim Kardashian, the entrepreneur is taking over the culinary world with his new company Prepped Delivery, a delivery service that provides fresh pre-prepared meals but, that's not the only move he's making as he has other launches planned for this year.

Prepped Delivery offers vacuum-sealed meals that use freshly sourced ingredients. It's as simple as “you literally just cut the bag, heat it up for two minutes— either the microwave or stove—and you're eating a full meal,” Cheban tells People en Español.

The menu includes items like bacon cheddar frittata, Cajun steak and Jonathan's favorite: root beer ribs. But you won't be able to find those ribs as a option anymore as the menu is updated with new items every week.

“It's food for everybody. It's gourmet but not unattainable gourmet. It's very reasonable for everybody– people with families, people on the run, people going to the gym,” shares the Kardashian affiliate.

So how did Cheban get the name “FoodGod?” It must be his daredevil character that moves him to try new foods. He shared with us the story of when he tried a white chocolate covered cheeseburger at dinner with friends when someone said, “You're the FoodGod!” Loving the name, Cheban shared it with his best friends Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who immediately approved. “They liked it and they didn't laugh at it so I know it was meant to be,” he says.

There's criteria to being a cuisine expert though. Jonathan credits the fact that he doesn't gain weight, “People are like, ‘How are you so skinny?” That's why I'm the FoodGod! If I wasn't I wouldn't be able to try all this food. I was meant to do it.”

With all the positive feedback, Prepped Delivery plans on expanding with new facilities and upgraded options including smoothies-made-easy with delivered chopped-up fruits.

The restaurateur isn't closing his culinary resume there. As a fan of burgers, Cheban opened up a fast-causal burger restaurant called Burger Bandit in 2015 and now has plans of taking his knowledge to a digital platform. The FoodGod plans to launch by the end of February, a go-to website for all things food and restaurants. “People will visit the page and say, ‘I'm going here for the Latin Grammys, what are the best places to eat? Where are people like Enrique [Iglesias] and other celebrities eating? Where are the best cupcakes to eat?' I just know every little place so I'm going to give them the FoodGod bible.”

And this is only the beginning of Cheban's dreams, “I always say that I need to do a show about going to all the hot restaurants.”