Today is Latina Equal Pay Day, which marks how far into the year a Latina must work in order to make what a non-Latino white man made in the previous year.

Por Alma Sacasa
Octubre 29, 2020

Today is Latina Equal Pay Day, which marks how far into the year a Latina must work in order to make the same amount of money that a non-Latino white man made in the previous year. On Thursday, Former Vice President Joe Biden released a statement about the day, and shared what he plans to do for Latinas if he is elected president. "Latinas are the hearts of their families and communities," he said. "So often, they're the main breadwinners and the caregivers, too. Our economy does not work without them — but for too long, they have been underpaid and undervalued. On Latina Equal Pay Day, we call attention to the fact that Latinas make only 54 cents on the dollar compared to the average, non-Hispanic white man. That means they'll lose over $1 million over their lifetime in comparison. It's wrong."

He also discussed President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has disproportionately affected the Latino community — particularly Latina women, who have lost jobs and income at enormous rates. "President Trump's failed response to this pandemic has plunged our nation not just into a recession, but into a 'she-cession' — with millions of women, particularly Latinas and women of color, bearing the brunt of lost hours, lost wages, lost businesses, and lost jobs," Biden said in his statement. "Millions of Latinas are still out of work or have dropped out of the labor force completely since COVID-19 hit."

Joe Biden
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He also reminded voters about the importance of the upcoming presidential election. "Our country can't afford another four years of Donald Trump," he said. "Latinas know they deserve better — and that is why they are mobilizing, voting, and making sure their friends and family turn out at the polls. Latinas are demanding an equal shot at opportunity and prosperity, and a fairer, more inclusive future for their families."

The statement also briefly outlined what a Biden administration would do for Latinas. "As President, I'll work for them every day," the former vice president explained. "That starts with containing this virus — which has so disproportionately hit the Latino community — so we can get our lives back. And I'll make sure we don't just rebuild; we'll build back better, closing the gender wage gap and fighting wage discrimination, so that Latinas — and all women — are paid equally for equal work. I'll also fight to pass a $15 federal minimum wage; make it easier for workers to organize and bargain collectively; and break down barriers to higher paying jobs, including by boosting training and education opportunities and providing paid family leave, affordable child care, and affordable health care."

Kamala Harris
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Biden closed by mentioning his running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, who had her own aggressive plan to close the gender pay gap when she was running for the Democratic nomination last year. "The economic challenges facing Latinas have been ignored and worsened by President Trump," Biden stated. "A Biden-Harris Administration will build back better for them and their families, starting from day one."