In collaboration with JLO's The Mother, the holistic and wellness coach hosted a brunch and yoga event celebrating women everywhere.
Strong Moms Brunch in Miami for Netflix's The Mother
Credit: Netflix

Nothing is stronger than the love of a mamá for her child.

They will walk to the ends of the earth and back to ensure their child is safe—something evident in Jennifer Lopez's upcoming film The Mother.

In celebration of everything mothers do for their little ones, holistic and wellness coach Catalina Aristizabal teamed up with Netflix and The Mother to help hold space for women everywhere with a special brunch and yoga session in Miami, FL.

Aristizabal notes that she loves hosting events like this because it helps mamás everywhere take time out to celebrate themselves.

She says, "I love leading events for women; I think it's important because it gives us a space to reflect on our lives and take time for ourselves. Many times, as women, we focus so much on taking care of the needs of our children, our partner[s], our family, our work, etc., that we forget about our own emotional health and well-being."

The wellness coach continues, "That is why I love to create these supportive environments where women can share their experiences [and] release their blockages or repressed emotions."

Strong Moms Brunch in Miami for Netflix's The Mother
Credit: Netflix

Aristizabal comments that prioritizing movement helps mothers remember that they "are strong and invincible" and can conquer any obstacle.

"Through movement, meditation, and breathing exercises, we find tools and resources to develop their strength and courage and remember that we are strong and invincible and that we are capable of facing any adversity in life," she concludes.

Catch Lopez tapping into her inner strength alongside Joseph Fiennes, Lucy Paez, Omari Hardwick, Paul Raci, and Gael Garcia Bernal, when The Mother premieres on May 12.