The Bronx-born diva updated her nameplate necklace with a tribute to her boo, Ben Affleck.
Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

If there's one thing Jennifer Lopez always knows how to do, it's how to rock an iconic look and make it her own.

From her street style to her red carpet looks, JLo always gives trends her own signature flair and has never stopped wearing Latina staples, like hoops or slicked back hair.

Now, she's updating a classic and inspiring us to follow suit.

On her Instagram, the "Jenny From the Block" singer gave us a peek into her all-white look for a charity dinner, featuring a plunging Halston gown and faux fur coat.

With the help of her stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, she topped the look with a few pieces of stunning jewelry, including her new take on a Latina must-have, the nameplate necklace.

Whether we wear it every day or keep it in our jewelry boxes, countless Latinas have their own version of this necklace and its ubiquity has made it a part of our culture.

However, rather than wearing just her own name around her neck, Lopez opted for "Jennifer and Ben" in a touching tribute to her husband.

Name Plate
Credit: Jennifer Zeuner

Want to craft your own JLo style tribute to a loved one? 

While the new Mrs. Affleck regularly wears priceless jewelry, this specific necklace is from the more accessible brand Jennifer Zeuner and the gold vermeil version can be yours for $176.

JLo also followed the layered necklace trend by pairing her ode to Ben with a diamond hummingbird pendant.