Her daughter, Emme, and A.Rod's daughters, Ella and Natasha, gave the singer's new skincare line a whirl.

Jennifer Lopez's new beauty line JLo Beauty is for all ages, and her own family is ready to prove it. Her 12-year-old daughter, Emme, and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez's daughters, Ella and Natasha, recently participated in an early lesson about the importance of skincare when they tried her new line.

Lopez, 51, shared an Instagram video of the girls testing out a few of her new products. "My little helpers helped me get @JLOBEAUTY perfect for YOU!" she wrote. "Everything we worked on is perfect for all ages from 12-82!!!"

The girls were happy to lather up with the face wash and take directions from the singer. "It makes you look very glowy," Ella told the camera after cleansing. Lopez also helped them apply moisturizer and eye cream, among other products, giving them guidance that could help them establish a lifelong habit.

In a recent interview with People, Lopez shared how her new skincare brand was 20 years in the making. "I think I've been thinking about it for about 20 years. Everywhere I went, I felt like everybody was always asking me about my skin. And as I got more mature, the questions came more often," Lopez said during an appearance on PEOPLE (The Show!). "It was actually very nice, but I realized that it was almost like an obligation. Like I had to put out a skincare line for everybody who was asking."

The JLo Beauty skincare line goes on sale January 1 at JLoBeauty.com and launches January 14 at Sephora and Amazon.