In the movie, J.Lo's nibling Brendon Scholl talks about their coming-out process.

Por Lena Hansen
Agosto 27, 2020

Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram to show support for her transgender nibling Brendon Scholl's new short film Draw With Me. (Nibling is a gender-neutral term used in place of niece or nephew.) In the movie, the teen, whose mother is J.Lo's older sister Leslie Ann Lopez, talks about their coming-out process. "I use 'they' and 'their' pronouns. I was the first one in our friend group to come out as trans, definitely not the last one," Brendon, a young artist, says in the film. "It was in eighth grade when I finally felt comfortable with saying that I'm trans."

Credit: (Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The short film also includes interviews with Leslie, as well as Jennifer's younger sister Lynda Lopez. "Draw With Me is a short film about a transgender youth and their journey of coming out to their family, and also engaging in their art to help them cope with the feelings they were having during this time," Jennifer said in her introduction to the film clip. "The film is important and timely in its story and message and can have a huge impact on those of us who watch and experience what Brendon and their family is going through in this time of acceptance and admission. It's a story that's very close to my heart because it was a family affair. It's about accepting change and challenges with love, and knowing that when we do, everything is possible."

The short film also reveals that Brendon's parents had a wake-up call about the pain Brendon was in after the teen attempted to commit suicide by taking painkillers. This week, Brendon and Leslie spoke to Despierta América reporter Astrid Rivera about their struggles and the lessons they have learned as a family.

Brendon confessed to Leslie at age 14 that they didn't identify as a girl, but as non-binary. Leslie admitted that at first she was shocked and called her dad crying. Brendon's grandfather (J.Lo's father), advised Leslie to calm down and said, "You just have to love."

Brendon said that Jennifer's support means the world to them. "It made me feel really seen and accepted," the teen told Despierta América. "Brendon's father and I wrote an email and sent it to the whole family," Leslie added. "Jennifer was the first to respond." Brendon also said that seeing J.Lo use the word "nibling" and their chosen pronouns put a smile on their face. "We have to change our language to include all these differences in gender," Leslie said. Added Brendon: "What we are trying to do is show people that stories about trans people — they don't all end sad."