The couple posted a video of themselves exercising at home with A-Rod's daughter Natasha.

Por Alma Sacasa
Mayo 22, 2020

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez love to work out, but during the coronavirus pandemic, they've had to put their usual gym dates on hold. Leave it to them, though, to figure out how to keep up a rigorous exercise routine at home. "A new kind of 'home run' for me," A-Rod joked on Instagram. "Who do you think crushed this #QuaranTeam workout? The kids or adults?"

The former baseball player encouraged his followers to try the family's workout at home, even if your home is lacking a variety of kettlebells and free weights. "You could try this workout at home, even if you don’t have this equipment," he wrote. "You can use soup cans, detergent, anything at all instead of kettlebells! Let me know how it goes for you & stay safe!"

The couple continued their workout with a bike ride around their neighborhood, and made sure to keep themselves and others protected by wearing masks.

Even though he's stuck at home like most people, Rodriguez expressed that he's glad to be getting in a ton of quality time with his loved ones. "One thing I’m incredibly grateful for right now is getting to spend additional time with my family," he wrote. "I love spending so much time with these beautiful girls, who still laugh when I make goofy faces in pictures."