The newly minted high-school graduate went to the desert to commemorate the occasion.

Por Alma Sacasa
Mayo 21, 2020

Seventeen-year-old Jenna Ortega should be celebrating her graduation in a big way, but like many members of the class of 2020, her festivities were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. "Posting these for my mom and my mom only. I also took these for my mom and my mom only," the actress wrote on Instagram. "If you think I look like a child playing dress up in her older sister’s gown you’re correct, that is exactly what is happening."

In the photo caption, she thanked her friend for helping her source the graduation attire as well as a friend of her mother's, who helped take the socially distanced photos. "Shoutout to my best friend Shayne for the 2020 tassel that’s hardly evident in this photo! I love you," Ortega wrote. "And my mother’s friend Maria who took these, cool lady. Class of 2020, woooo."

Carmela Zumbado, her co-star and on-screen sister from Netflix's You, congratulated Ortega on her achievement. Jenna explained that she shared the photos for her mom, Natalie Ortega, who is one of the many workers battling against the coronavirus. "Thank you to my mom and all other healthcare professionals working tirelessly to protect their communities," Jenna said. "Sending you endless love and gratitude."

Jenna's mom also shared the graduation photos and praised her daughter for balancing her career while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. "You make me proud to be your mama and I know this is just the beginning for you," she wrote.