Puerto Rican actress and singer Jeimy Osorio shared a heartfelt Instagram post about falling madly in love and planning to get married. Congratulations to the future bride!

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 30, 2019

Jeimy Osorio announced some big news on Instagram. The Puerto Rican actress and singer, 30, shared a heartfelt post talking about love — and marriage. Osorio shared a photo of her future husband, Rodrigo Giménez, on one knee — with a ring in hand — popping the big question. And she said yes!

“I always dreamed of finding true love. I am the daughter of two married soulmates. I know because I grew up in a loving home filled with union, peace, harmony, respect and beautiful moments that shaped me as a human being. I always knew that to find something like what my parents had, I had to be patient and go through the process of finding and loving myself first,” she says in her message. “I didn't know that this love was waiting for me to teach me — not only what it is to love — but what it is to be loved. I received this surprise when I least expected it. I'm happy to share my biggest happiness. I am getting married! OMG! Thanks to all the accomplices who made this wedding proposal so unforgettable!”

Osorio also shared a special direct message to her love, writing, “Rodrigo: Thanks for surprising me every day with your love and your special details. Definitely YES, I want everything with you! I love you like I never imagined I could love. I knew that loving would be something intense but nothing as big as this. Viva el amor!”

The actress was showered with messages of support from her adoring fans. “My heart is so happy. You deserve all the beautiful things in the world!” one commented. “You deserve it. You are a fantastic and wonderful woman. God bless this new path you are starting together,” another expressed.

Osorio announced to the world that she was madly in love on June 24, when she shared her first Instagram photo with her beau.

“Since falling in love is a blessing and blessings should be shared…I'm telling you that I feel so blessed, surprised and happy,” she shared then in her caption. “Rodrigo, thanks for coming into my life and allowing me to enjoy and learn about love this way. What's to come is so exciting. I love you!”