After announcing split from the father of her kids, Jenni Rivera's daughter Jacqie shares the news that she is pregnant and reconciled with her husband.

Jacqie, the daughter of the late Queen of Banda Jenni Rivera, shared some happy news. In a video titled “Our Truth” on her YouTube channel, she announced she is pregnant and has reconciled with her husband, Mike Campos, the father of her children, after announcing in December she was splitting from him. “A lot of people have been questioning a lot of stuff that has been happening around us,” Campos says. “We want to show transparency. We want to make sure people know the truth. We are here because the primary focus is for this family to be well and for this family to be blessed.”

Jacqie, sitting next to him, adds in the video, “We are back together. It sounds so crazy to say that because we were so close to getting divorced.” She recognizes this may come as a surprise to fans. “When you allow God to take control of your life and remove yourself from the plans and just be willing to forgive, this is where we are back at and we are glad to be here.”

The couple revealed they have been back together for about two months. “We are still figuring each other out, we are still trying to see if we are going to work out,” Campos says. “So many things got shifted when I decided to file for divorce that now we are trying to put everything back in the same place, and it's not the same exact thing, it's something new,” Jacqie adds. “It has to be done better than the first time. This is our second chance and I'm so glad we are having a second chance.”

She also shared that she is pregnant. “We are having a baby, complete surprise, it's not something that we planned,” she says. “Right now we are both taking every day day-by-day, and seeing what God has for this relationship and a baby was part of that.”

Jacqie Rivera

Last year, Jacqie announced she was in the process of divorcing Campos, the father of her three children, after five years of marriage. The star of the Universo reality show The Riveras — which also stars her siblings Chiquis, Johnny, Jenicka and Mikey — revealed the news on Instagram December 13. “Mike and I are in the process of our divorce. The people closest to me already know and their support has been such a great help. But, I didn't want to leave you all out as you all have also been with me through all moments of my life.” Jacqie, who debuted as a singer in 2018, did not disclose the reasons she was considering divorce, but added in her social media post then, “I ask that you all kindly refrain from posting any comments regarding the divorce. Whether they be sad, religious, or your personal opinions. As I'm sure many of you can understand, divorces are between two people.”

The reality star and Campos got married in a glamorous ceremony in November 2012 that aired as a one-hour television special. Her mother — singer Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash a few weeks later — was with Jacqie on her wedding day.