J Balvin celebrated Bad Bunny's birthday with an Instagram post about their friendship.

By Lena Hansen
March 11, 2020

J Balvin is happy to see his friend and colleague Bad Bunny succeed. The Colombian reggaeton singer shared a post on Instagram celebrating their friendship and the success of the Puerto Rican trap star. "Benito Martínez, I remember how before you debuted in music, I was supposedly the only weird, crazy and strange one because I always do what my heart tells me," J Balvin joked. "I am thankful to life that another crazy one has arrived and has given entertainment a breath of fresh air, and seeing you grow fills me with so much pride! Difficult paths? I know, but now you are at your best moment and that's why I celebrate your life and career. Happy birthday!" 

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Bad Bunny, who turned 26 on Tuesday, reacted to the post, commenting: "Thanks for everything! You know you are very special to me. Thank you, thank you." The artists have collaborated on hit tracks like "Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola" and recorded last year's album Oasis together. They have also shared the stage together various times and also worked with Cardi B on the crossover anthem "I Like It." And who could forget their kick-ass Super Bowl halftime performance with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira?

"If I wanted to front I couldn't stand myself," Bad Bunny joked on Instagram about the success of his new album YHLQMDLG, which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. "My vision goes beyond numbers," El Conejo Malo reflected. "That's why they come on their own. Thanks to all of those people who believed in me and still believe."