Colombian singer J Balvin thanks his fans for supporting him this past year in a new Instagram post.

While enjoying a cup of coffee during his popular “Cafecito Break” on Instagram, Colombian singer J Balvin opened up about the challenges he faced in 2019. Wearing a robe and listening to relaxing music, the star wished his over 35 million followers a good morning and sent good vibes their way before sharing a spiritual end-of-year reflection.


“The year is coming to an end and all I want to do is give thanks,” he says in the clip. “I want to give thanks for all the good and for the situations that weren’t easy, but were part of the path.”

The 34-year-old artist — whose real name is José Álvaro Osorio Balvin — also reflected on life’s many contrasts. “In order to be able to see the light, one must walk through darkness,” he added in the video. “In order to appreciate happiness, one must experience sadness, and there were a lot of challenges this year, a lot of challenges. Let’s not forget that the mission is to be happy and I give thanks for so many blessings and for having you guys there, too.”


Earlier this year, the singer asked his followers to pray for him as he shared his struggles with anxiety. “We all see the glory, but few know the story and the inner battles that the mind can make you go through,” he wrote on Instagram on September 20. “The sensations, and sometimes feeling a distortion of reality that doesn’t let you see things clearly, that is my case, and the case of many. Anxiety is something we must take seriously. It’s not for CRAZY PEOPLE. I think it’s crazier not to take this seriously.”

J Balvin continued in his post: “I believe in God and in the Universe, but I also believe in getting medicine at the right time and things that help you get through a bad moment like sports, meditation and the company of loved ones. Yes, the real ones, the ones that love you for who you are. Yes, I suffer from anxiety and IT’S NOT EASY, but this too shall pass. To all warriors out there going through the same thing, go get help. You are not nuts for reaching out to a psychiatrist. Seek help because mental health is a reality. I keep fighting to find the light and I ask for your prayers for me and all those who suffer it.”

Since then, he’s been showered with love and support from fans and colleagues who have thanked him for his honesty and transparency in sharing his journey and raising more consciousness about mental health.