J Balvin reacted on Instagram after being called "satanic" due to his controversial new music video "Cuidao Por Ahí" with Bad Bunny.


J Balvin's new music video “Cuidao Por Ahí” with Bad Bunny has turned out to be quite controversial. The enigmatic clip, filmed in Greece, shows both singers dressed in black, with an army of zombie-like dancers and black birds flying in the sky. J Balvin also wears goth-inspired makeup and a leather muzzle. The white buildings in the background seem to be dripping blood and J Balvin floats upside down under a bridge … showing supernatural powers?

Many of the Colombian star‘s over 32 million Instagram followers reacted to the music video, with some showing love and others not so much. “What a horrible video, you lost what made you different,” a fan commented. “It's so sad to see this, you went too far,” another wrote. “As a mom I forbid my daughters to watch your satanic videos, you give off bad vibes and the content is so perverse and disgusting,” a follower expressed. “Are you the antichrist?” another asked.

J Balvin clapped back at haters with the following message on Instagram: “If being satanic means creating content that is different and entertaining, then what am I? Be sincere, because the internet gives strength to cowards. So vent, let it all out.”

Bad Bunny y J Balvin

Another fan showed the singer his disappointment with this music video, answering back to J Balvin's own defense as a creative artist. “To create content that is different and entertaining you don't have to disrespect God or the church and people who follow God's path,” he wrote. “All you care about is fame and money.” Even though he is under fire now for “Cuidao Por Ahí,” J Balvin is not one to let the opinions of others silence his freedom of expression.