For Mental Health Awareness Month, the Colombian performer is announcing the creation of his app, which seeks to provide people with more access to mental wellness services.
OYE Co-Founders, J Balvin, Patrick Dowd, and Mario Chamorro
OYE Co-Founders, J Balvin, Patrick Dowd, and Mario Chamorro
| Credit: OYE

Health is wealth—especially when it comes to one's mental health.

For years, artist and performer J Balvin has spoken up about the need to focus on one's mental wellness encouraging fans across the globe to listen to their bodies when they sense something seems off.

Inspired by his journey, Balvin has taken the plunge into the wonderful world of technology and teamed up with happiness activist and ed-tech executive, Mario Chamorro, global creative and social impact executive, Patrick Dowd, and journalist and media executive, Isaac Lee, to create the mental wellness app OYE.  

With OYE, Balvin hopes to provide a platform for people around the world that will help them better work through their feelings, emotions and thoughts in a way that is both healthy and productive.

In a statement, the "Mood" singer explains, "Through my own journey with mental health and wellness, I was inspired and committed to bringing resources to more people around the world. With OYE, we have created a community-focused platform that will provide engaging and accessible emotional wellness practices for all."

He continues, "Everyone's health journey is different and deeply personal. We wanted to not only encourage and allow people to prioritize emotional and mental health, but also provide diverse opportunities to the global community to build their own worlds of wellness in creative ways."

Keeping true to Balvin's status as a global superstar, the app will be bilingual to ensure that everyone has accessibility to the numerous guided reflection and movement practices that will be featured.

The specially curated content is being developed by a group of top-tier mental health and wellness professionals (called OYE Creators) that range from professional healers to teachers to artists.

OYE is slated for release in September 2022 and is offering a free one-year membership for anyone who signs up prior to the launch.