Colombian singers J Balvin and Juanes shared their reactions to the death of Dilan Cruz, an 18-year-old student killed by anti-riot police in their native country.

Colombia is now mourning the death of Dilan Cruz, an 18-year-old student killed during the massive protests that have shaken the country in recent weeks, leaving at least four dead and hundreds injured. Dilan, who died November 25, became a symbol of resistance after suffering head trauma in one of the demonstrations.


He was hit by a gas canister fired by a member of the ESMAD, the city's anti-riot police. Dilan was in an induced coma at the San Ignacio Hospital, where hundreds of supporters gathered to pray for his recovery, and his recent death has furthered angered and saddened the crowds, who continue manifesting in the streets.


Colombian singers J Balvin and Juanes also expressed their heartbreak on Instagram. “Dilan Cruz may you rest in peace. Peace is what the people need so that these marches bring light and not darkness,” J Balvin wrote in a post. “It hurts a lot to see that because he fought for his dreams, they ended his life. My condolences for his family, friends and for all the young people that fight for their dreams and rights.”

Likewise, singer Juanes shared a post of a black screen with the name “Dilan Cruz,” showing his grief.

“It fills me with hope seeing the awakening of the collective conscience, [people] lifting up their voices to demand what is fair. At the same time, it fills me with rage and frustration to see the systematic violence used to deviate and delegitimize the peaceful demonstrations, and seeing how some groups want to see the country in chaos,” Juanes wrote in an earlier Instagram post. “I think of Dilan and his family, but I also think of all the police officers and their families. It's not easy for anyone.”